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What's My Ring Size?

Ring Size Chart
Circumference US
51.9mm 6 (L 1/2)
54.4mm 7 (N 1/2-O)
57mm 8 (P 1/2-Q)
59.5mm 9 (R 1/2-S)
62.1mm 10 (T 1/2)
64.6mm 11 (V-V1/2)
67.2mm 12 (Y)
72mm 13 (Z+2.5)


How to Measure Your Ring Size: 


You will need: Scissors, paper, a pen, and a ruler.

Step 1: Cut a long strip of paper that is 5 mm wide.

Step 2:
Wrap strip of paper around the base of desired finger. For the most accurate result, pull paper as tight as possible.

*Don’t worry! The correct ring size is determined based on a tight measurement, the ring itself won’t fit that tight.
Step 3:
Make sure the paper is evenly overlapped and pulled tight, and mark where the strip of paper meets itself.

Step 4: Measure the length of the strip of paper in millimetres. Round to the nearest whole millimetre.

If your ruler is in cm's, you can convert to mm's by multiplying by 10. E.g 6cm x100 = 60mm.

Consult the size guide above.